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Wellness at the campsite

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If there ever was a need to relax regularly and get away from the hustle and bustle of the day, it is in these strange times. Crowds, stress, the rushed life. No wonder that we simply want to live without thoughts for a while, enjoying a relaxing massage, a merciless infusion in a sauna or a tingling thalassotherapy ... Many campsites have joined this trend and offer a wide range of wellness in special centers the camping. Often go hand in hand with the glamping trend, a more luxurious form of camping. But also from your own camping equipment, the choice of a campsite with excellent wellness facilities is a wonderful addition to a relaxing holiday.

Let yourself be pampered and drift away in relaxation. Nowadays you will also find the latest wellness facilities at many campsites. We have listed a number of quality campsites that can rightly call themselves a wellness campsite via a handy icon in the filter. Then just choose the Lotus flower symbol. From a simple massage to abundant wellness services, there is sure to be a campsite to suit your needs.


Totally relaxed and relaxed at the campsite?

We have listed a number of Wellness campsites for you in our new downloadable theme guide Wellness.

Van eenvoudige massage tot full service wellness

At the designated campsites you will find all the details about the services they offer at the campsite, often in the form of special wellness packages at the campsite.