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Camping Navigator has been a leader in the European camping market for more than 38 years. Since the first paper camping guide in 1983, Campingnavigator has grown into an online platform with an annual reach of more than 7 million Dutch-speaking visitors. With our websites, magazines, e-news mailings, the Best Deal camping card and downloadable guides, we belong to the top 3 referral sites in the Netherlands in the field of camping.

At we offer extensive camping information in Dutch, German, English, Danish, French, Italian and Spanish. In this way we help visitors from all over Europe to choose from the fantastic camping offer that we have brought together.


Most visitors to the website come from the Netherlands and Germany.

Online findability and visibility are the keys to your success!

More and more campsites, tour operators and affiliates compete with each other in the battle for the modern camper. It takes longer and longer for them to make a definitive booking. These trends drive up the prices of paid online campaigns via, for example, Google Adwords. Campingnavigator reaches approx. 160,000 real campers every week, mainly via the website (SEO) and e-mail marketing. We are also active on social media. Our team is also intensively present at all major camping events in Europe.

Promotion and marketing

For an extra visible presentation on our website, Campingnavigator has developed three online promotional packages that allow you to get the most out of your investment.

• Plus

• Professional

• Premium

The packages guarantee you a preferential position on our website, with options for expansion. This means you are assured of an excellent presence on our website and in the guides throughout the calendar year.

ACTION! Campaigns.

In the short term, we will also use our promotional resources for online campaigns. In doing so, we plan some of our resources, discuss the content and the linked link where we can deliver the visitors you are looking for. In this way we take care of customers in your store, when you can use an extra push. For example, to activate a late booking season, to fill in a lean June month, or to fill in gaps during the season.

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