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Ontdek Magazine

Ontdek Magazine. On paper and online!

Ontdek Magazine is by far the nicest and most inspiring camping magazine on the Dutch market we know. At leaset, that's what we at Ontdek Magazine think, of course ;-). Tips, news, facts and stories about campsites, campers, their loyal tent, cozy caravan or roving camper. One big mix of camping inspiration for bon vivants, as we call it.

You will hardly see any advertisements in Ontdek Magazine. Pick up any other camping magazine and it is full of advertisements. Ugly, illegible and usually downright uninteresting. We do this differently: most of our paying advertisers are regions or campsites that prefer a beautiful story with enchanting photos to it rather than a flat advertisement. An additional advantage for us: we can travel around to all those destinations to often report personally why you should go where they want you. Good for us, nice for them and of course you decide where to go. But then you have at least received a nice thick magazine full of inspiration on your mat.

So, because the content is paid for by those we write about, we can offer the magazine absolutely free. The competitors can do that too, but they prefer to let you pay. So not with us. Also no postage. We do ask you to indicate whether you want to receive Ontdek Magazine. AND then we need your data for that. Which we use to send you inspiring camping tips, for example. So, that's our way we have set it up and we can continue to do this. There is also a beautiful digital version of Ontdek Magazine, which we send out every month. Just because it's possible. Of course, it's in Dutch... So in other languages.. be patient ;-) And in the mean time enjoy our website and traditional guides.


Great articles about campsites ...

Browse through the coolest tips about the campsite. See, taste and experience.

… and about inspiring areas.

From Finland to Portugal, from Ireland to Lithuania, it says north, south, east, west.

Plenty to discover in… Ontdek Magazine!

A nice mix of news, camping gear, for every camper from basic electricity-free to luxury glamping enthusiast.


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