Top campsites for golf enthusiasts

Golf and camping: a hole-in-one!


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Top campsites for golf enthusiasts

Great Campsites for Golf

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world. And there are many campsites that focus on golf. Many with green fees for golf courses in the area, some even with complete 18-hole courses on site! The campsite is therefore an ideal starting point for golf enthusiasts. Whether you are planning a golf weekend with a group of friends, want to tee off for a week at an exotic location with your wife or have just brought your own clubs to play a ball every now and then during your holiday, it is a wonderful extension of the relaxed life in nature. So if you like to play a ball and do not want to be on the road for too long from the campsite, then click on the golfer's symbol. Voila! A nice selection of golf campsites.

There are super deluxe golf campsites with their own course and even a clubhouse. There are also more moderately equipped campsites that want to serve guests with a driving range and 9-hole course. Advantage: starting immediately, and if you are looking for a buddy, it is often not too difficult at the campsite. In any case, always ask at the reception for the special agreements that are available for camping guests, also on golf courses in the neighborhood. You often play through the campsite with a nice discount!


Want to hit a ball?

The new theme guide Golf lists a few beautiful golf campsites. Just download. Have you already received it? And: check the guide every now and then, campsites are always added to the guide, because we have only just started!

From low to high handicap

There is a golf campsite for every level. Or better: you can go to every golf campsite with your level. Only no submarines allowed ... ;-)