Do you opt for cycling or walking?

Or do you prefer golf or wellness?


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Thematic guides

Thematic guides

Most camping guides provide a clear overview of a certain selection of camping sites in a region or a country. And that is of course so easy. Especially if you make them downloadable, like we do. But in the end you would like to know more. It is nice to know the facilities at the campsite, but you also want to know whether you are going to have a nice holiday there. That of course depends on what you are looking for. A bit of cycling, or rather walking. Both are also allowed of course. Perhaps you are mainly looking for large campsites with a lot of entertainment and a huge swimming paradise. Or the peace in the green of some mountains. The website offers enough possibilities to find out through filters. But we see that many people are looking for the same things. And then we are happy to provide an extra touch of inspiration to help you find it. We already do in Ontdek Magazine, of course (just for the Dutch market...). But now also in our new theme guides. We first selected five themes and listed a number of campsites: cycling, hiking, golf, wellness and fifty plus. The guides are brand new, so we are curious about your reactions!


Theme Guide Accommodation rental

From super deluxe and state-of-the-art glamping accommodation to some simpler mobile homes and log cabins. The choice is vast!


Thematic guide Cycling

Extensive cycling information with beautiful routes around the campsite or in the region. Special sights along the way and extensive campsite descriptions.

Thematic guide Hiking

Walking, hiking, walking. A nice collection of campsites throughout Europe with track routes… within walking distance of course!

Theme guide Golf

Beautiful campsites for golf enthusiasts with golf courses in the vicinity of or sometimes even just on the campsite. Some even with the full 18 holes.

Theme guide Wellness

What do you list in such a wellness guide? The most relaxed campsites of course! With a clear description of the offer at the campsite and possible arrangements.

Thematic guide for over 50s

I keep finding it a bit strange age limit, even now that I've already passed it myself. Anyway, don't ask how it is possible, but take advantage of it, as they say. A selection of campsites that focus especially on "the younger elderly fellow man" in terms of facilities and tranquility.


Example campsites with cycling routes

In each guide extensive descriptions of the theme in combination with region and campsites.

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