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Most of the questions we receive concern our products. We have listed a number of those questions here:

Is my Best Deal camping card (also this year) still valid?

Yes, the Best Deal camping card you have received does not have a year. That makes your camping card valid indefinitely.

How do I use my Best Deal camping card?

With the Best Deal camping card you benefit from discounts at hundreds of campsites in Europe. Best Deal campsites can be consulted via our website and Camping Guides.

You can show your physical Best Deal camping card at the reception and you can print your digital camping card yourself, or show it via your smartphone or tablet.

Which campsites are participating in Best Deal, and how can I see this?

More than 7,900 campsites are published on our website. A considerable number of them accept the card. You can recognize these campsites by the Best Deal logo on their page. You can also select 'Best Deal' in the search filter. In addition, the Best Deal campsites with logo can be recognized in the downloadable country and regional guides.

I lost my Best Deal camping card. How do I request a new one?

When you send an email to we can request a new Best Deal camping card for you. You will have this in your mailbox within one week. We no longer send physical cards by post.

I have moved or have a new e-mail address, where can I report my change of address?

You can report an (e-mail) change of address via As soon as we have made the change, you will receive a confirmation from us.

I no longer want to use the Campingnavigator products. How do I unsubscribe?

If you no longer wish to use our products, you can make this known by sending an email to As soon as we have processed your deregistration, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Does the Best Deal guide still appear on paper?

We no longer send paper guides since 2015. Not a Best Deal guide either. We offer our campsite information completely digitally, through our newsletters and through our website.

You can also choose from one of the more than 350 online regional guides. You can download, print or save this completely free of charge on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The camping guides are available in Dutch, German and English. Our theme guides are only available in the Dutch language.

When will Ontdek Magazine be published?

In principle, we publish Ontdek Magazine on paper once a year. This edition is normally shipped in mid-December. We also publish the digital monthly magazine Ontdek Magazine Online 12 times a year. Each edition is packed with inspiring and funny camping stories, beautiful campsites and the latest caravans & motorhomes. Have you read the latest edition yet? Read it on your tablet, laptop or even your mobile phone!

The nicest question we ever get?

That is often after we have sent another online magazine or an email:

“Does Nancy van Campingnavigator really exist? Must be another made-up marketing character… ”. Well, I can assure you, she really does exist and everything she writes comes straight from her daily life! And of course she also immediately sends the best camping tips...

About Campingnavigator

At Campingnavigator we work in a small, but close-knit team of about 20 inspired people in all. Employees, freelancers, sales and marketing specialists and of course: our unsurpassed group of consultants, campers in heart and soul.

I am Peter Doornekamp and I have been working for Campingnavigator since 2007. I have taken over the company since 2019. I am proud to be able to continue to build on the promotion of camping in general and all campsites in Europe in particular with this wonderful group of people.

We value direct and personal contact. This is not always possible due to the amount of visitors we receive. But if you send an email, we always provide an answer:





Cordial greetings,

also on behalf of the rest of the team!




Peter Doornekamp