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Top campsites for accommodations

Accommodation rental at campsites

Camping is no longer restricted to a tent, camper, caravan or folding trailer. Taking the tent out of the attic or the caravan out of storage to drive to the South of France has its charms, but these days camping can also be a lot more comfortable. Many of the campsites have very nice accommodation in addition to their range of pitches. Ready-made, you only have to open the door and the holiday can begin. The beds are made, the kitchen is equipped with a fridge and you have your own private bathroom in addition to the bedrooms. That's camping 2.0. And all this in the atmosphere and pleasant setting of the campsite, surrounded by nature.

Accommodation is also perfect for a weekend away, or if you are going out with friends. And from super-luxury to more basic accommodation, there is something for everyone. From log cabins to mobile homes and from safari tents to state-of-the-art glamping lodges and even tree houses.



From super-deluxe and hypermodern glamping accommodations to somewhat simpler mobile homes and log cabins. The choice is huge!

The brand new theme guide Accommodations lists fine campsites where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday in all comfort and luxury. Just download. Do you already have it in. And: check the guide every now and then, campsites are added to the guide all the time, because we've only just started!

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