Örebro län


Gustavsvik Örebro

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Luxe, grote camping met veel kwaliteitsvoorzieningen, veel ontspanningsmogelijkheden op de camping zelf en gunstig gelegen voor bezoek aan Örebro.

Gustavsvik is a large campsite close to the center of Örebro. Places of interest at the campsite are the leisure pool and the fantastic adventure mini-golf course. Gustavsvik is a luxury campsite with many facilities, suitable for all types of campers. The restaurant is for a campsite of extraordinary quality. Gustavsvik is also a great base for a visit to the historic city of Örebro with the old (gamle) part of Wadköping. Also at the campsite itself both children and adults do not get bored. Very suitable for campers who love luxury.

Gustavsvik Örebro
Sommarovägen 70230 Örebro Sweden
Telefon number
N59 15' 19" E15 11' 23"
N59.25540 E15.18980"

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