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From 2023 you can also use Konokonocard in bungalows and get great discounts.

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The new Konokonocard discount card for the low season.

It allows you to stay in a selection of the best campsites and tourist accommodation with up to a 60% discount and rounded prices of €21, €23, €25, €27 or €29 per night, in the periods of accommodation acceptance. The price includes two people, a camper or a vehicle and a camping element, electricity (max. 6kwh/day) and a dog. You can also get a 10% discount on bungalows.

Konokonocard - CampingRed
Spanje European HotSpots
Telefon number
+34 951 204 313
N39 19' 24" E-4 39' 4"
N39.32343 E-4.65122"

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