Camping at campsites in Belgium

Belgium Campsites

• Camping in the Belgian Ardennes
• Gastronomy
• Napoleon route
• Visit world cities from the campsites in Belgium

We all know Belgium, especially Brussels, as the political heart of Europe. But the country has more to offer than the European Parliament. Visit Ghent or Bruges from the campsites in Belgium and you will imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. Brussels and Antwerp are metropolises, but also very popular for a day of shopping, sniffing culture and finally sitting down at one of the many cozy restaurants after a long day.

Camping in the Belgian Ardennes

If you are looking for beautiful green, forest-like nature, you are in the right place in the Belgian Ardennes. Ideal for exploring on foot or by bike. Camping in this area? Which can! Belgian campsites around the river Lesse or the Ourthe are definitely recommended. Enjoy the overwhelming nature here.


Belgian cuisine is refined and local dishes are made per region. If you stay at the coast, there is a good chance
that you are served fish and mussels. More meat and game dishes are prepared in the Ardennes. But what Belgium is really known for are the Flemish fries, the chocolate, the Liège waffles and the 1,000 different types of beer.

Napoleon route

It has been over 200 years since Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. This inspired a route through Belgium. The 'Napoleon route' takes you in 94 kilometers from the French border via Charleroi to Waterloo, near Brussels. This route was also taken by Napoleon in 1815, when he was on his way north from Paris. Definitely worth a visit when you stay at one of the campsites in Belgium.

Practical information

A valid passport or European identity card is required. Motor vehicle drivers must have a valid driver's license, registration certificate and green card. If you are driving a trailer or a caravan, you must have the papers with you.

Traffic around the campsites in Belgium

The road network is generally of good quality. Large parts of the Belgian highways are exuberantly lit at night. The maximum speed in built-up areas is 50 km/h and 90 km/h outside of it. On highways and roads with separate lanes, the maximum speed is 120 km/h. Motor vehicles with trailers have the same speed limits. Radar detectors in the car are prohibited. Mobile phone calls in the car are only allowed hands-free. A stationary tram may only be passed at walking pace.

Roadside assistance in Belgium

If you are unlucky on the motorway, you can call the TCB, the VAB or the RACB via the emergency telephone. This is free with an International Travel and Letter of Credit. In the event of a breakdown on other roads, it is best to contact the Belgian roadside assistance service on 070-344777 or 0032-22332345 (24 hours a day). Current traffic information can be heard via Studio Brussel and Radio 1, 2 and 3 (also at night).

Campsites in Belgium by the sea

The Belgian coast has been renowned for its various holiday options for years. Camping is definitely one of the most popular. All year round, tourists flock here to enjoy a walk through the dunes or a drink on the terrace. Campsites on the Belgian coast offer something for everyone. Families in particular return every year to camp in Belgium and enjoy the beaches of seaside resorts such as Knokke-Heist or Blankenberge. Are you planning to go with your partner or are your children a lot older? Even then there is plenty to do. The various seaside resorts offer activities such as windsurfing and water skiing. In addition, there are also plenty of entertainment options. You will find the best campsites in Belgium on Campingnavigator. View the offer yourself and book your camping holiday in time.

Belgium Campsites

• Camping in the Belgian Ardennes
• Gastronomy
• Napoleon route
• Visit world cities from the campsites in Belgium

We all know Belgium, especially Brussels, as the political heart of Europe. But the country has more to offer than the European Parliament. Visit Ghent or Bruges from the campsites in Belgium and you will imagine yourself in the Middle Ages.


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Camping Kikmolen is the ideal starting point for hours of walks and bike rides. The campsite is located on the edge of the Mechelse Heide nature reserve. Day trips can be made and amusement parks can be visited in the vicinity of the campsite. Even in bad weather. Sports and play opportunities are also sufficiently presen ... SHOW MORE
The Ardennes have a big tourist attraction. The beautiful forests and rugged mountain landscape are for many people a reason to spend the holidays here. In this Ardennes against Stavelot is the small campsite De Challes, on the river of the same name. A very small campsite with limited sanitary facilities, but due to the ... SHOW MORE
Camping De Gavers has a modern, comfortable and authentic 17th century youth hostel 't Schipken. The campsite is located on the banks of the Dender where there are various recreational opportunities. So you can swim, fish, sail and practice many sports and games at the campsite. Camping de Gavers offers children's enterta ... SHOW MORE
Camping Greenpark is a family campsite located in the middle of the wooded dunes. At 200 m from the center and the market and a 15-minute walk from the beach and the sea you will find this campsite. Nature at the campsite gives you a relaxing holiday feeling. Camping Greenpark is the starting point for discovering the "We ... SHOW MORE
Camping Heidestrand, a family campsite located on its own 30 hectares large domain with several lakes and long sandy beaches, is truly a water camping site. They offer you a free and unforced family atmosphere and nice facilities. The site has very spacious pitches and no shortage of places for the passer-by. Since 1960 C ... SHOW MORE
You can enjoy yourself at the Le Val de L'Aisne campsite. You are in the midst of pine forests, hills and agricultural areas. In the vicinity of the campsite you can go mountain biking, kayaking, tennis, fishing and hiking. In other words, something for everyone. A great place to make trips from here on foot, by bike or b ... SHOW MORE
Communal de l'Orient campsite is a municipal campsite and is part of the leisure park (approx. 20 ha). In this park you will find a lake and an indoor swimming pool. Guests at Camping Communal de l'Orient can use it at a discount. Next to the campsite you will find a large shopping center. The campsite management speaks o ... SHOW MORE
Camping Les 3 Sources is located on the flanks of the rivers Lesse and Semois, amidst the pilgrimage site Beauraing and Bouillon. The campsite is located on the edge of the village of Bièvre and is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Belgian Ardennes.Camping Les 3 Sources is a quiet campsite on the edge of the wood ... SHOW MORE
The campsite is located behind our hotel restaurant, which also serves as a living room for our camping guests and reception. Somewhat apart from the rest, we still have a tent area, which is especially suitable for groups and / or events. Here is also a place where a campfire (tje) is allowed.   The campsite is locate ... SHOW MORE
Camping Tonny is a quiet family campsite in a natural area. The campsite is far from noise and pollution. In the vicinity of the campsite you will find small Ardennes villages where time stood still. This campsite is located on the upper course of the Ourthe. Various trips are possible from the campsite, including Bastogn ... SHOW MORE