Camping at campsites in Romania

Campings in Roemenië

• Wintersporten in de Karpaten
• Transsylvanië
• Badplaatsen aan de ZwarteZee
• Stedentrip naar Boekarest

Wanneer je gaat kamperen op campings in Roemenië kun je een zeer gevarieerd landschap verwachten. De kampeerder die van wintersporten houdt, kan goed terecht in de Karpaten. Dit is een gebergte waar zeer goede wintersportplaatsen zijn. Je kunt je tent ook opzetten in Transsylvanië en bij één van de pittoreske dorpjes in de buurt van de campings in Roemenië.

Veel te doen vanaf de campings in Roemenië

Andere bekende badplaatsen als Costinesti, Eforie of Mamaia aan de Zwarte Zee zijn ook zeer in trek. Zou je graag eens een wijngaard bezoeken? Dat is in het oosten van het land mogelijk. Een echte stedentrip kun je maken naar Boekarest, de hoofdstad van Roemenië. De stad is vol met musea en theaters.


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21 recommended campings in Romania

One of the most beautiful campsites in Romania located on the edge of the Carpathians. Camping Trotus Valley is named after the nearby river Trotus. This campsite is located behind the modern caravan company of the Colpos family where it is also possible to have repairs to motor home or caravan carried out. SHOW MORE
Small campsite with good sanitary facilities. SHOW MORE
Camping Vasskert is under the leadership of the Hungarian family Vass. This camp site located near the city of Sovata on a river is well maintained and a pleasant place to stay. SHOW MORE
Intimate family campsite sheltered in a valley on the edge of the northern Carpathians with beautiful nature and views of the mountains. Equipped with new sanitar and free wifi. Camping de Vuurplaats where hospitality and service is still standard. Ideal for visiting the famous Moldavian monasteries and taking walks. For ... SHOW MORE
Beautifully located camp site in the forest led by a young Hungarian couple. Set up a spacious layout with sun and shade. For the connection of electricity extra long cables are needed or the choice to stand at the edges of the beautiful lawn. There are 4 marked trails available and at 500 meters from the campsite is the ... SHOW MORE
This site is conveniently located to visit the city of Timisoara. The bus stops in front of the door and you can drop off in the center of the city within 15 minutes. The campsite offers places on the grass in the sun or under the trees in the shade. For campers there are special paved areas in the forest where unfortunat ... SHOW MORE
In a beautiful setting on a mountain pass located on a terrace with a concrete since steep access road with beautiful views SHOW MORE
Camping Aurel Vlaicu is located in the middle of Transylvania. From the campsite you have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The village is named after the greatest Romanian aviation pioneer in history: Aurel Vlaicu. In the village you will also find a museum in memory of him. You can also make various trips f ... SHOW MORE
Small cozy campsite led by a Dutch -Romanian couple located on a river in a village where time has stood still. From this campsite you can visit the cities Sibiu and Brashov. There are also mountain walks to make. Information available at the reception. Also visit one of the oldest Othodox monasteries Sambata Manastirea ... SHOW MORE


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