Camping Nadiža

Slovenia, Slovenia

Camping Nadiža

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The campground offers campers the ultimate opportunities to enjoy the beautiful mountains and emerald-colored Nadiza River.

Ultimate nature campsite. Here you can shake off all the stress of the gentle rippling river and recharge the battery.

Nadiža campsite in Podbela
lies in the secret valley of Breginj. The campsite is embraced by the Stol and Mija mountains, where the Nadiža and Bela rivers meet. Camping Nadiža invites everyone who loves unspoilt nature and beautiful, clear rivers with nice gravel beaches. The locals even claim that the Nadiža River has healing powers. The sound of the gently murmuring water of the river and the clean, unspoiled nature have a very soothing and relaxing effect. Not only nature, but also the rich historical and cultural heritage of the area invites guests to visit numerous churches, monuments and museums.
Did you know that Slovenia has the shape of a chicken? Camping Nadiža can be found in the west of Slovenia, or in the tail of the chicken. It lies by breathtaking swimming places of the Nadiža river with its historic Napoleon bridge. Secluded from the hustle and bustle of modern life, it offers peace and tranquility, while the untouched nature and crystal clear waters of the Nadiža ensure that one can escape the summer heat. Nadiža campsite is very suitable for families. A playground on the campsite is suitable for children of all ages. The sanitary building is first-class and clean. In the cozy bar and restaurant, the chef and the friendly service ensure that you can feast for a friendly price. Occasionally, contact with the modern world is always fun! Fortunately, free WiFi is available throughout the campsite.


Camping Nadiža
Podbela 48 5223 Breginj Slovenia
Telefon number
N46 14' 43" E13 27' 18"
N46.24528 E13.45500"

19-03-2022 / 31-10-2022