Buøy Camping

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Buoy Camping, op een eiland met veel speelmogelijkheden voor de kinderen, gelegen in een interessante omgeving waar u elanden en bevers kunt spotten.

Buoy Camping is well maintained family camping and is located on an island in a valley. The access road is over a bridge and the entrance is spacious. Beavers spotting can be done from the campsite. Elk spotting, with more than 90% chance of success in the evening twilight is possible at ca. 15 km from the campsite. At about 12 km from the campsite is a 350 meter deep ravine with fantastic views. Camping at Buoy Camping makes your holiday unforgettable. The campsite is very popular with tent campers.

Buøy Camping
Buøyvegen 22 3880 Dalen Norway
Telefon number
4502 1326
N59 26' 31" E8 0' 25"
N59.44198 E8.00706"

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