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PlusCamp Strynsvatn Camping

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Traditionele familiecamping aan het Strynsvatnmeer gelegen in een prachtige, natuurlijke omgeving op rijafstand van Stryn en het Stryn zomerskigebied.

PlusCamp Strynsvatn Camping is beautifully situated, directly on the Stryn lake about 12 km east of Stryn and about 37 km from the Stryn summer ski area. The campsite is open all year. The campsite has been run by the Meland family for more than 40 years, in a traditional way with a view to service, quality and hospitality. All this combined with the beautiful nature in the area ensures that a stay at Strynsvatn Camping will be an unforgettable experience for you.

PlusCamp Strynsvatn Camping
Meland 6783 Stryn Norway
Telefon number
N61 55' 51" E7 0' 24"
N61.93100 E7.00670"

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