Skåbu Hyttegrend

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Skåbu Hyttegrend is een ruime camping met een prachtig uitzicht, kampeerplaatsen en compleet ingerichte vakantiewoningen direct aan het Olstappenmeer.

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Skåbu Hyttegrend is a spacious family campsite with great views, camping pitches and fully furnished holiday homes right on the Olstappenmeer. The campsite offers space for 40 caravans, campers and / or tents. Almost all places have electricity (16A). There is a completely new sanitary building. On the premises of Skåbu Hyttegrend there are 5 cabins (with heating) varying in size from 2 to 12 people. Are you looking for a good starting point for a holiday in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful nature reserves: Jotunheimen, Rondane and Peer Gynt? Then you are at the right place at Skåbu Hyttegrend, because Skåbu Hyttegrend is at the beginning of the Jotunheimweg. In this beautiful national park you can walk for hours without encountering anyone. Skåbu Hyttegrend is a great base for a summer or winter holiday in an overwhelming nature. From Skåbu Hyttegrend you can undertake all kinds of activities in the beautiful surroundings. The campsite is open all year round and is located 7 km outside of Skåbu. This village is the highest situated (900 moh) permanently inhabited village of Norway and has about 600 inhabitants. Skåbu is ± 90 km north of Lillehammer and about 100 km southeast of Lom. A stay at Skåbu Hyttegrend is certainly recommended if you are looking for peace and space; to an unforgettable holiday in real nature, where the silence is audible. Come to Skåbu Hyttegrend and enjoy a wonderful stay.

Skåbu Hyttegrend
Holmyra 2643 Skåbu Norway
Telefon number
N61 28' 56" E9 22' 36"
N61.48242 E9.37692"

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