Lyngvær Lofoten Bobilcamping

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Camping met een mooi zandstrand voor de kinderen en een eigen pier met aanlegsteiger.

Close to the E10 you will find this idyllically located campsite on the Henningsvoerstraumen river with excellent fishing and swimming opportunities. At the beginning of the camp a number of terraces are scattered, but the fishermen like to stand on the back part. Closer to the pier and the beach. In good weather you have 22 solar hours here. Nicely situated for attractions such as Svolvaer (18 km), Henningsvaer (10 km), Kabelräg (13 km) and Å (116 km).

Lyngvær Lofoten Bobilcamping
8313 Kleppstad /Lyngvaer Norway
Telefon number
N68 13' 27" E14 13' 5"
N68.22444 E14.21833"

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