Kvile Camping

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Kamperen in de natuur op deze kleine, rustieke camping, de visrivier de Glomma is op loopafstand.

Kvile Camping is a rustic campsite located in the beautiful province of Hedmark. This province is known for its forests and nature reserves. There is also a lot of big game here, such as elk, reindeer, bears, wolves, lynx and eagles. Our campsite is an ideal stopping point when you are on your way to the north of Norway, but of course a longer stay at our campsite is definitely recommended. The campsite is located on the longest river in Norway, the Glomma, where you can see the beavers. The rivers Glomma, Åsta and Rena are an experience for the fish lovers. Especially the trout and the grayling are present here in large numbers.

Kvile Camping
Åsta Vest 2450 Rena Norway
Telefon number
N61 4' 21" E11 21' 12"
N61.07257 E11.35334"

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