Southwest Norway


Sirdal Ulstove & Lindeland Camping-natuurpark

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Camping op vlak terrein tussen rivier en de weg 468, receptie met kunst- en souvenirwinkel en koffie/recratiezaal liggen aan de overkant van de weg.

Sirdal Ulstove & Lindeland Camping is located in a quiet area on a fairly flat terrain between river and road 468 with simple amenities. The reception with art and souvenir shop as well as coffee / recreation room is located on the other side of the road, opposite the campsite. Lindeland camping is ideal for the not too demanding camper.

Sirdal Ulstove & Lindeland Camping-natuurpark
RV 468 Tonstad 4440 Lindeland Norway
Telefon number
N58 45' 35" E6 44' 32"
N58.76000 E6.74250"

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