Solplassen og Rakke

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Camping direkt aan fjord met goed sanitair, vlonders tussen de rotsen voor badgasten en een uitdagende rotspartij waar de klimjeugd zich kan uitleven.

Solplasse og Rakke is a large camp site directly by the fjord in the Skagerak with mooring between the rocks for bathers. Many permanent places. 8 kilometers from Larvik and 1.5 kilometers from Stavern. The bathroom is very good and adequate. The terrain of this coastal campsite is mostly slightly sloping, is located in a quiet area and exudes this tranquility to the campers who can also enjoy the restaurant or cafètaria at the campsite. A beautiful rock party on the campsite invites you to climb and clamber through the youth. Beautiful sea view from the campsite. For more information; see the website of the campsite.

Solplassen og Rakke
Rakkeveien 99 3294 Larvik Norway
Telefon number
N58 59' 2" E10 1' 50"
N58.98412 E10.03060"

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