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Pittoresk gelegen camping tussen de Saale en de Unstrut waar u mooie kanotochten kunt maken en de rivierenfietsroute door dit wijngebied kunt volgen.

The Naumburger Campingplatz "Blütengrund" is located in the green triangle of the Saale and Unstrut. The cultural-historical environment is interesting and wine connoisseurs can indulge themselves here. From the campsite you can go in a canoe for an exciting trip and pick it up again on demand. And those who have always wanted to spend the night in a wigwam, there are opportunities on the campsite to rent these teepees. Moreover, this campsite offers something special, namely a babysitting service for dogs: Doggies Dog Camp.

Blutengrund 6 06618 Naumburg Germany
Telefon number
N51 10' 30" E11 48' 14"
N51.17519 E11.80402"

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