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Ormnäs Camping

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Deze aan het water gelegen camping met zandstrand ligt vlakbij het Ekanäs Nationaal Park.

On road no. 25 to Hanko lies the city of Tammisaari. According to many Finns Tammisaari is the most beautiful city on the west coast. The beautiful Ormnas campsite is located on the Pohja Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Finland. This campsite has a sandy beach with more water sports facilities. The site has a number of semi-hard standing pitches but also pitches on a grassy surface. The campsite has good sanitary facilities. The campsite is also partly in the pine forest. The campsite is on the edge of the center. The town of Tammisaari got city rights from the Swedish king Gustav Vaasa in 1546. He then promoted the fishing village to the city. The majority of this city speaks Swedish. Along the narrow streets of the town are many wooden buildings, often erected in Empire style. Especially a part of the old city center Backen Udd is well preserved and falls under the preservation of monuments. Some buildings date from the 16th century. the narrow streets in the oldest part of the city center bear the names of the hand-workers who worked there. In the 19th century, the Russian aristocracy Tammisaari became a popular seaside resort. The area around Tammisaari is also interesting and can be a reason for a longer stay at camping Ormnäs. At 10 km outside the city, near the old fishing village of Snappertuna, there is the barracked Raasipori castle. This castle was built in the 14th century. This castle was built on an island in the 14th century. The island is connected to the mainland by land reclamation. From the castle a path leads to the fishing village, where one of the oldest wooden churches in Finland (1688) Peter Thorwoste from the Netherlands opened an iron forge in Fiskars. In 1783 the company came into the hands of Bengt M. Bjorkman Fiskars a name that now lives on in Fiskars, but also elsewhere. Part of the archipelago that surrounds the city is declared a national park. the national park includes a piece of sea and part of the archipelago opposite the city.

Ormnäs Camping
10600 Ekenäs-Tammisaari Finland
Telefon number
N60 0' 5" E23 33' 9"
N60.00140 E23.55260"

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