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Easy Holiday/Punkaharjun Lomakeskus

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De camping ligt op een vlak bosterrein aan een meer en maakt onderdeel uit van een groot vakantiecentrum.

Punkaharjun Lomaneskus Camping is located on a flat woodland on a lake and is part of a versatile leisure center. The campsite is suitable for the whole family and is located in the lake area with crystal clear water. The campsite has a leisure program and many facilities. It has modern sanitary and cooking areas, a bathing beach and a beach sauna, ball and children's playground. You will also find comfortable holiday homes and camping cabins on the campsite. There is a beach restaurant with full license at the campsite. A party for children is Punkaharjun Sommerland, a beautiful amusement park. The romantic Punkaharjun Valtionhotelli is 2 km from the campsite. The environment also has a lot to offer. The Kolovesi National Park is a very interesting nature park. The water in this park is the undisputed masters and the panorama is characterized by irregular, steep rocks steeped in water, narrow canals separating the islands and making their way into this fascinating savage ancient pine forest covered with dark silhouettes from the red spruce and surrounded by rocky heights. One of the most interesting places of this area is Punkaharju, with the long narrow spit that stretches over the lake and has an important memory of the ice age when it was formed after the important displacement of the ice masses. The view that can be enjoyed from the old panoramic road that runs over it is incomparable. Not far from the campsite is Retretti, one of the most important cultural centers in Finland. It is a special construction in the rock with incredible acoustic and light effects. Exhibitions are organized in the art center, and suggestive concerts are held in the underground concert hall with the unique acoustics. In Lusto a few years ago an interesting National Museum dedicated to the forests was opened and in Punkaharju park various tree species can be found, some of which are more than two hundred years old, such as the more than forty specimen conifer family. Of the different lakes, a visit to Sikkalhti will be the most interesting. There the singing is heard of the countless birds that have their nest and rest during the long migratory routes. A regular resident of this lake is the nightingale. You can also make interesting canoe trips from Punkaharju. One of the tours is that of the Oravareitti.

Easy Holiday/Punkaharjun Lomakeskus
Tuunaansaarentie 4 58450 Punkaharju Finland
Telefon number
N61 48' 15" E29 17' 13"
N61.80420 E29.28720"

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