Camping & Ferienpark Brilon

Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Camping & Ferienpark Brilon

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Beautiful campsite in the beautiful nature of the Hochsauerland. The area is very suitable for mountain biking, hiking and skiing.

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Camping and Ferienpark Brilon is located against and on the slope of the Poppenberg in the nature reserve of Hochsauerland. Using the slope and the top, the campsite has a fantastic and wide view of the surrounding areas for guests. In addition to the camping part, Camping en Ferienpark Brilon offers potential guests the possibility of the Chaletpark Sauerland Ferien Resort. In summary; All holiday options are open to guests!

The sanitary facilities at the Camping and Ferienpark Brilon are more than adequate, modern and meet all hygienic requirements that can be expected from such a park. And certainly in the time of NOW!

As described earlier, Brion is located in a special environment and on a kind of plateau. It is surrounded by many forest areas and a network of streams and rivers that originate further away or in the immediate vicinity of the village from mostly ancient sources.

Lovely sloping mountains, romantic villages with half-timbered houses, endless forests ... that is the Sauerland. For the Dutch to reach within a few hours and therefore not only suitable for a holiday, but also for experiencing a long weekend. An ideal area for summer and / or winter visits.

Winter sports:
The surroundings of Brilon and especially the Sauerland are well-known winter sports areas for Dutch holiday or weekend guests at Camping and Ferienpark Brilon. The surroundings of Willingen and Winterberg are just about the best known for winter sports enthusiasts. Important for winter sports holiday courses is the knowledge that ALL possible winter sports can be practiced or experienced in this area.

That leaves a few important “experiences” anyway. Of course, a ski slope includes an Apres-Ski and region-related culinary facilities. And then there are several spas in the area. For the enthusiast, this means that this environment will leave nothing to be desired in terms of good body care, food, drink and exercise.


Camping & Ferienpark Brilon
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