Aktiv Camp Purgstall

Austria, Lower Austria

Aktiv Camp Purgstall

Aktiv Camp Purgstall is proud of

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Na een dagje Wenen zal het ambachtelijk gemaakte ijs u goed smaken op deze leuke, rustige camping voor gezinnen met kinderen.

***Herzlich Willkommen am
Aktiv Camp Purgstall
im Mostviertel!***

Aktiv Camp Purgstall

A few years ago, the campsite has celebrated its 25 year anniversary.

Special attention has been paid to this.

Partly in honor of this, the "Kurioseum" was opened in that year.

A kind of special museum where the necessary (mostly operating!) Technical guarantees and curiosities are exhibited. For young and old, looking more than worth it.

For interested parties; https://www.kurioseum.at/

The camping;

It is easy to stay at Active Camp Purgstall. The campsite presents itself as very natural and has since obtained or won several and high qualifications.

The campsite is suitable for people with or without children who were the crowds. Physical limitation do not have to be an obstacle to a pleasant stay here. For children there is a nice petting zoo at the campsite and a sandpit with playing tools.


Special activities;

On and around the campsite is of everything to experience. "Most eye-catching" are the activities that the owner gives Mr Kaiser, such as grills (also for children) and trips of a very different nature. But also think of a visit to the Kurioseum in the village.



Activ Camp Purgstall has a small restaurant with bar. During the day there are small meal snacks ("small card") available and from 6 pm "De Wiener-Kuche" is opened and "Einheimic" dishes are served. If possible, everything will be prepared with fresh products.


Aktiv Camp Purgstall is a nice campsite and forms a perfect starting point for many trips, including to Vienna and an exploratory "Ausflug" by Nieder Österreich. Mr Kaiser and the Local VVV will advise you.

Aktiv Camp Purgstall
Augasse 8 3251 Purgstall an der Erlauf Austria
Telefon number
N48 3' 20" E15 7' 46"
N48.05583 E15.12972"

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