Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller

Austria, Carinthia

Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller

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From this beautiful campsite, located on the Millstätter See, you can fish for trout, find gems or take delicious walks.

It doesn't matter where you come from
It's about where you go!

2021: Sanitary 1 has been completely renovated and expanded! Including children's sanitary facilities in a 27 m long U-boat. There is also an indoor playground, youth club, cinema, and a watchtower and much more.

The village Dobriach;
Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller is located between Lake Millstättersee and the village of Dobriach. Dobriach belongs to the municipal area of ​​Radenthein, which is also called “The Granaat City”. For the holidaymaker who wants to know more about it, it is more than worth a visit. During “the season” (usually starting at Pentecost), a fair is held in the village every Tuesday evening. This opening of “the season” is accompanied by a music, food and children's party on Whit Sunday opposite the campsite.

Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller has 3 sanitary buildings, of which Sanitary II is the most striking. This one, especially for children, is very fun but…. Very modern construction and equipped. Where do you find, for example, “teevee in the toilet”? The other sanitary buildings are also modern and fully equipped (including child-like). And do not forget THE RENEWED SANITARY 1.

On the other side of the road is the Millstätter See. For enthusiasts, Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller has a large sunbathing lawn with a children's beach and landing stage. In this peaceful environment, the campsite can offer its guests not only a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and Millstätter See, but also a peaceful, stress-free environment.

Animation and other entertainment:
Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller has an extensive (and active) recreation program during the season. For the benefit of the little ones as well as for the elderly and parents! The children do not have to get bored at Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller. Go for a swim in the lake (a cordoned off area especially for the little ones), romp in the playground or be entertained by the animation team. Under supervision they can even take a ride on one of the ponies or let them ride around on the "Burgstaller Express". For the elderly, Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller has a shop and two restaurants with a spacious terrace and tennis courts.

After your adventures, you can rest in one of the restaurants with a refreshment and in peace use the very good kitchen that you will find on the campsite. The rear restaurant is best known for its brick oven pizzas.

Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller is therefore an excellent starting point for hikers, cyclists and water enthusiasts. You can even sniff the nature and culture of the region by boat or car.

Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller
Seefeldstraße 16 9873 Döbriach Austria
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