FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik

Austria, Carinthia

FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik

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Campsite located directly on the water with its own beach, sunbathing area and jetties and natural swimming water with a very pleasant temperature.

***Herzlich willcommen***
an der Sonnenseite des Keutschacher Sees
***FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik***

FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik:
Directly on the beautiful blue-green water of the Keutschacher See, you will find the FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik, one of the renowned naturist campsites in Carinthia. For the enthusiastic and sporty camper, it is a pleasure to swim a few laps early in the morning and even before breakfast, in very nice weather and warm water. Good to start the day.

Keutschacher See;
On the shore of the lake, FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik has jetties that are fully accessible to camping water sports enthusiasts. Between the campsite and the beach is a beautiful sunbathing (or if you prefer sun) meadow where it is good to relax under the sun and for those who want to be in the shade. On the land side, the campsite is surrounded by unspoilt dense nature with lots of deciduous wood and tall trees and other green shrubs. The swimming water near the campsite is around 30 degrees warm in high season and the entire lake is of 'drinking water' quality.

The 'heart' of FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik is formed by the meeting places such as a shop, restaurant and beach bar. In the restaurant, culinary delights are served in an atmosphere that only reminds of 'more and longer'. During the high season the children are kept busy every day. For owners with dogs, there is a "private area" on the campsite with its own entrance and exit.

If you are interested in this campsite but do not have your own camping equipment, don't worry! FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik has rental caravans, apartments and a guest house for them.

Reception & Reception;
For "latecomers" there is an illuminated map next to the reception of FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik , next to it a list with names and numbers of reserved places and anyone can look for a free place "outside office hours". The next morning you have to report to the reception.

FKK Grosscamping Sabotnik
Dobein 9 9074 Keutschach am See Austria
Telefon number
+43 4273 2509
N46 34' 41" E14 9' 5"
N46.57806 E14.15139"

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